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The Guerry Group 

The Guerry Group real estate appraisal firm located in Mt. Pleasant, SC, has been serving coastal South Carolina from Hilton Head to Charleston and north to Myrtle Beach since 1983. Our specialties include analysis, consultation, and appraisal services for residential and commercial real estate. To contact us about a property, go to our Quotes page to submit a request for an appraisal or consultation, or click the contact us button below.

Accurate Office Appraisals in Charleston, SC   

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There are so many benefits to having your office appraised, and The Guerry Group is prepared to help you attain them all. We have over 120 years of combined experience in evaluating properties of all sizes, both commercial and residential. Choosing us for office appraisals in Charleston, SC, allows you to know exactly what your building is worth before you buy or sell it. That way, you can make the most possible from a sale and ensure your property taxes aren’t higher than they should be. Each of our appraisers is highly qualified and completely objective in their process.


Insurance companies may sometimes require office appraisals before they’re willing to provide coverage or compensation, so the sooner you can have one done, the better. You can also factor it into your estate planning if you’re thinking of passing on your property to your loved ones when the time comes. Appraisals from The Guerry Group let you and everyone involved with your asset know where it stands in the real estate market. You can even use our services to determine whether a construction or renovation project is possible, potentially saving significant time and money.